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Nov '09

Club Cabana –Tested Ok.

On the last Friday of October 2009,A team of Quality Freaks from Novell took Club Cabana in Bangalore by storm.This Team Outing was a long awaited one and the entire team had a blast..
We reached the place around 4:00 in the evening.and the activity started off with Bowling..

After Playing a few games , people [...]

Oct '09

An Evening at Indiranagar,Bangalore

Indiranagar situated at a distance of 4 km from MG road has been famous for its posh residential areas. Indiranagar is now slowly transforming into an important commercial hub, with a lot of small and medium sized companies setting shop here. Quite a few of the old houses have given way to apartments buildings [...]

Oct '09

Sai mandir Photo shoot

Our neighbor hood is blessed with a sai baba temple..We always liked visiting this place for its peaceful atmosphere.. On the Diwali day i was overwhelmed when i was asked to photograph the temple…i took this as a blessing & went ahead doing my first ever assignment…
Following are few snaps from the lot…

These snaps along [...]

Mar '09

Hyderbad & friendship revisited

Re joining with your old friends is always a great thing to do.and that was the exact reason which was driving this one & an hidden agenda was also that we could get to meet our brother put up in hyderbad as well.it was a long time that we had actually went out any were [...]

Oct '08

Trip to Munnar,Kerala

Daily work was becoming monotonous and boring and myself and my wife was dying for some break.Finally those much awaited vacation came in form of diwali holidays and we charted out a 10 day plan.The initial plan was start Friday afternoon go to munnar and from there to calicut (home town) and then back to [...]