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Nov '09

Club Cabana –Tested Ok.

On the last Friday of October 2009,A team of Quality Freaks from Novell took Club Cabana in Bangalore by storm.This Team Outing was a long awaited one and the entire team had a blast..
We reached the place around 4:00 in the evening.and the activity started off with Bowling..

After Playing a few games , people started checking out different games..

From club cabana

Check this out 3 taking it out on one at long tennis..

From club cabana

After spending more than two hours on ground it was time for some mind games…

From club cabana

Mind games ..aahhh…every body is a winner at that..

From club cabana

Around 9:00 pm we finished our dinner & posed for a group shot before we retired for the day.

From club cabana

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