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Feb '10

Incredible India -Alapuzha,Kerala trip

Alappuzha is now the hub for backwater tourism in Kerala. House boats locally called “Kettuvallam” are available on hire on a daily basis as well as for longer durations to take visitors on the old waterways. These house boats in general have 2 bedrooms and attached bathrooms. Some of the boats have the bedrooms fitted with air conditioners. A routine trip includes food cooked on board in the traditional kuttanad style.

Alappuzha also known as Alleppey, is a town in alapuzha district of kerala state of southern india. A town with picturesque backwaters & lagoons, it was described as the List of places known as Venice of the East byLord curzon. It is the administrative headquarters of Alapuzha District.

Myself & my family got a chance to visit these places couple of months ago.We went on the pullikattil house boats on this trip & the house boat was fun to be.I managed to get some clicks on the boat & the owner of pullikattil house boats liked these very much.He requested me to share the snaps with him ,which i did very eagerly..

Jan '10

Las vegas & Los Angeles trip

Myself & 3 of my colleagues decided to end 2009 in a trip. & this time the trip was to Disneyland , Hollywood & Vegas.

we started of on 28th Dec morning from Provo & headed towards Disney land .our 1st destination..

En route we came across a fort called.. cove fort which was located between provo & vegas,this place had an historical importance & we decided to break here & visit this place..

Though a very small place..the people here were very friendly & they took us around the fort real quickly & expalined us what ever they could in the short time..It was freezing cold there & we could not withstand it more than 30 minute.

We ran back to our car after that & then took our breakfast which we had carried.After relaxing for a couple of minutes we again started towards LA..

INFO:-This place is around 120 miles away from provo towards vegas.Big sign boards on I15s will guide you to this place.

From here it was around 9 hours of continous driving before we reached Disney land.We stayed @ super8 hotel in Disney DR.The rooms were pretty decent for the money paid & it was close to the disney parks.

After a couple of hours of tea,coffe & chit chat,we decided to head towards the famous Hollywood walk of fame.it was almost a hour & half drive from Disney land.

& then on that night we walked on some of the greatest names of hollywood.

The next day we decided to start exploring Disney land fully..my friends decided to cover both the Disney parks namely the Disney land & the Disney adventure park.Myself not being a big fan of the adventure rides decided to stay out of the adventure park .

INFO:-don’t forget to checkout passes for these parks..The passes come with multiple entries to these parks & are much cheaper too..Southern california pass is a good value for money though…

Being a holiday season the park was literally over crowded still i managed to cover almost every thing in Disney land.
I had returned to my childhood days & was running around on different rides.I had never had so much fun in my life..around 9:30 in the night the sky was lit by Disney’s  special holiday fireworks  which was an amazing experience.

After these spectacular fireworks it was time to enjoy the beauty of the castle standing silhouetted against a dark sky.

That marked the end of tiring but a very beautiful day…

30th morning we woke with Hollywood on our minds..It was the day when we were visiting the famous universal studios..
The traffic on that day got us 3 hours late to our destination

INFO:-Try to reach around 9:00 & if late cover the lower part of universal studios first & then come to the upper level.Usually all tourists will be  stuck at the upper level & thats when all the rides on the lower level will be free.

The first show we watched was the shrek..the 4D experience of this show was amazing..This was followed by the studio tour were they took us through different location.A slight drizzle ruined the entire fun of this trip & i could not capture any snaps which are worth mentioning during this studio tour.
After the studio tour it was time for us to watch their other shows.AltogetherIt was a wonderful experience.

31st we were returning back to Vegas for celebrating new year in Vegas..but we seldom knew that this day was going to be our most tiring day of our life’s..

While returning back we visited a near by beach called newport beach..

INFO:-If you are not used to directions,don’t even think of coming to LA without an GPS assisted car.even though we had GPS we were lost a couple of times.

after spending some time in this beach we left for Vegas & reached vegas around 6:00 in the eve…

we stayed @ Arizona charlie hotel in vegas which was a bit far from the strip

INFO:-look out @ vegas.com for deals on hotel & try to get a hotel near by the strip

we went straight away to the hotel that day and around 7:00 in the night we returned to the vegas strip.We expected rush on the streets on that day but what we got was 10 X of what we expected..The entire US was on that strip & what a crazy crowd..we almost escaped a stampede on the new year..

But still somewhere we enjoyed the craziness & on the 1st around 3:00 am we returned back to our hotel to grab some sleep & to give our paining legs some relief.

On that day around 10:00 am we left Vegas & reached back in Provo safely around 7:00 in the night.

That marked the end of a beautiful year & start of a even wonderful one…

See the complete pictures of this trip here….

LA & LV trip
Nov '09

Club Cabana –Tested Ok.

On the last Friday of October 2009,A team of Quality Freaks from Novell took Club Cabana in Bangalore by storm.This Team Outing was a long awaited one and the entire team had a blast..
We reached the place around 4:00 in the evening.and the activity started off with Bowling..

After Playing a few games , people started checking out different games..

From club cabana

Check this out 3 taking it out on one at long tennis..

From club cabana

After spending more than two hours on ground it was time for some mind games…

From club cabana

Mind games ..aahhh…every body is a winner at that..

From club cabana

Around 9:00 pm we finished our dinner & posed for a group shot before we retired for the day.

From club cabana
Oct '09

An Evening at Indiranagar,Bangalore

Indiranagar situated at a distance of 4 km from MG road has been famous for its posh residential areas. Indiranagar is now slowly transforming into an important commercial hub, with a lot of small and medium sized companies setting shop here. Quite a few of the old houses have given way to apartments buildings and shops, particularly on the eastern portion of CMH Road between 80 and 100 feet roads. Work on the Metro Rail started in July 2008 and the width of road currently available for use is very limited and not recommended for vehicular traffic.Also, a majority of the majesty that was once Indiranagar, that is, its lovely array of trees and greenery, have been chopped down mercilessly, to give way to the Metro.

Today i was just going through this place when this otherwise ordinary looking place gave an extraordinary view.

Oct '09

Sai mandir Photo shoot

Our neighbor hood is blessed with a sai baba temple..We always liked visiting this place for its peaceful atmosphere.. On the Diwali day i was overwhelmed when i was asked to photograph the temple…i took this as a blessing & went ahead doing my first ever assignment…
Following are few snaps from the lot…
Photo assignment 5

Assignment 6





These snaps along with few more have been handed over back to the temple.I was exited to hear that the temple authorities are planning to sell these photographs at the temple & hence raising funds for the temple..
I could not have asked for more…
This temple is situated at kundananhalli gate,Marthahalli..People who live here has experienced the power of this temple in various ways & also have seen the changes whcih has happened to this area after this temple came into place..The roads which were in pathetic condition 2 years ago have become jogging tracks..The place which once was full of dust & slush have given way to shopping complexes & residential apartments.like this there are 100’s of examples of the way this temple has affected its neighbor hood & have changed the face of this area.

Mar '09

Hyderbad & friendship revisited

Re joining with your old friends is always a great thing to do.and that was the exact reason which was driving this one & an hidden agenda was also that we could get to meet our brother put up in hyderbad as well.it was a long time that we had actually went out any were and when one of our friend invited us to hyderbad we had no better reason to visit that place.Hyderbad is a night trip from bangalore and on friday evening we, a set of 4 school time friends along with my wife who also happens to be my classmate started out for hyderbad.we took the bangalore express @ around 6:30 pm and it reached kachiguda station in hyderbad the next day morning @ around 6:00.Our friend was there already waiting for us and he took us to his house.all five of us got fresh @ his place and by around 9:00 we hit the road to have a glimpse of hyderbad.
our 1st destination was the charminar and its surroundings.It was a nice feeling to visit the places you had once read in your history text books..charminar was a nice experience and we could spent some qulaity time in there.

After charminar we checked out surroundings and visited to some chuudii bazaar were the girl band with us spent time shopping.surprisingly enough my wife stayed out..guess she was going through recession hang over..
After shopping around for a while in charminar we wisited the near by mousque and then rushed to our next destination,essentially the chowmala palace.this again was the palace of the niazam,the palace was quite a feist to our eyes.

After chowmala we went to see the famous salar jng muauem which was again a excellent place to visit.There were many items collected by the nizam’s over the time which were on diplay and those really amazed us.Its was worth a visit and after spending some time there,It was time to grab some food and we rushed to a near by hotel.After finishing our lunch the next plan was to reach golkonda fort by 4:00 so that we could walk around the fort & then attend the light & sound show there.We reached golkonda on time and this was a amazing fort which had its due place in history.

To reach the top of the fort we had to climb around 400 steps and most of us were dead by the time we reached on the top.There was a small temple on the top of the fort & we had a nice darshan there.after that we relaxed for some time there and caught an excellent
view of the sun set.

Then it was the time for the light & sound show.This left us memerized as amithab’s voice took us through the glorious days of golkonda.The show lasted for about 1 hour and i would suggest each and every one putting hyderbad on their tour map not to miss this.

After the show we statred of to our brothers place near SR nagar and then retired.The next day plan was to visit Birla temple but then the heat in hyderbad had already done its damage on us and were bed ridden the next day.so we decided to drop the plan of Birla temple & take rest during the day time because we had to catch return train to bangalore that evening.The train was at 7:00 pm and we reached back bangalore on monday @ around 5:00 in the morning.It was over all a very short but sweet trip.and the best part of it was that we a bunch of classmates re united and spent quality time after a long time.

“True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.”

Oct '08

Trip to Munnar,Kerala

Daily work was becoming monotonous and boring and myself and my wife was dying for some break.Finally those much awaited vacation came in form of diwali holidays and we charted out a 10 day plan.The initial plan was start Friday afternoon go to munnar and from there to calicut (home town) and then back to bangalore.After a week long of research on the web regarding the routes and from the suggestions of friends the routes were decided.The plan was Bangalore – Krishnagiri –Dharmapuri-Thoppur – Mettur – Bhavani – Perundurai – Avinashi – Tiruppur – Palladam – Pollachi-udmalapet-chinnar-munnar.
Then came the villain in form of work and my 4 days of leave got canceled.My wife was not very happy about the idea of going that far & not visiting native,and i was not ready to cancel the trip.nothing was finalized till Thursday night & nothing was packed.My wife was hoping that i would leave the idea of the trip & i was hoping that she understands my frustration..after a lot of fight, planning & re-planning we both decided on friday morning to hit the road and the destination was pollachi masarani amman kovill.

From munnar

We packed what ever we thought were relevant and started from Bangalore at around 4:00 pm on friday afternoon.we had split up the route & had decided to stay in salem for the night.We hit the hosur road around 6:00 pm..thanks to bangalore traffic.But once we left bangalore it was drive of my life time..the road till krishnagiri was awesome with jaw dropping scenery and a light drizzle made the ride all the more romantic.

But after we crossed krishna girii the fun was lost..there was 4 lane widening happening and the ride in the night to salem had actually become night mare… we managed to hit salem @ around 9:00 in the night.Then the next day traget was pollachi and we had to reach there before 12:00 for the pooja.

We grasped some sleep in one of the hotels in salem and started to pollachi the next day around 5:00 am.We took the coimbatore highway.The road was okie but then there was road widening happening with lot of lane changes and diversions but overall it was fine and were able to reach polachi by 11:45 am just in time.The drive was ok and was not that tiring.We had an excellent darshan in the temple.We were out of the temple by 1:00 pm and were clueless of were to head.we thought of traveling back to banagalore but then we still had 3 days in our hand and we didn’t want to go back to home & watch TV.

The next option was munnar which was around 150 kms from pollachi,but it was raining heavily in munnar at that time & every body i talked to were telling us not to go there.the third option was to go to ooty which was also 150 kms away.

I called up one of my friend Vadii who is a hardcore biker for his opinion .As soon as he heard me..he was doubt less he said..munnar…and i started my car and drove right out of the temple and took a right turn and we were on the road which would take us to munnar..my wife was surprised at the way i took that decision and she was saying i am sometimes just impossible.It was a kinda of cool because there was absolutely no planning.what we knew was a friends number in munnar and the fact that it was raining heavily there..nothing else.we were actually not very sure whether we would be able to see munnar fully because that’s not a place which u should be visiting during rains ..but then we had our instincts and we just went ahead.

From munnar

That 150 km journey from pollachi to munnar was an awesome drive and very soon we reached the chinnar check post.from here we were supposed to go through the chinnar wild life sanctuary.

From munnar

This stretch was through forest..the roads were ok..there were literally no traffic and then, some stretches on that road it really felt like a forest.only thing bothered us was some 20 or more checkposts in between.We never understood the purposes of that but then spinning out 20 bucks at each gate was a pain.We covered that stretch in almost 1 and half hour, by the time we started entering munnar it was around 5 in the eve..and from here the real fun stated ..what to tell about this place ..its heaven..there were greenery all around,there were endless tea estates a slight drizzle & we were just driving through deserted roads..

From munnar

That evening was un undoubtedly one of the most romantic ones we had till now.after some time there was intense mist which made the visibility to 0 and we were actually driving on roads which were just enough for a car..

From munnar

It was very scary but @ the same time we enjoyed that to the fullest.We reached munnar some time around 6:00 in the eve and it was like almost 12:00 midnight in that place..it was covered by mist.

Our friend arranged us a home stay and i suggest home stay to every one who like to visit to munnar..i think that its a cool way and can save a lot of money too..we stayed at a homestay owned by one Mr,Binoy(09447434765) and he was more than helpful to us and took care of each and every need of ours..The night there was horrible it was un bearable cold and we had almost frozen.

With my last day experience of the narrow roads and with little time to waste we hired our very helpful house owner to be our guide/driver for the next two days which he did for a very nominal prize.Next day morning our destination were 2 dam location and to go to the highest point in munar.


We started of a little late around 8:00 and then went directly to a dam location.we had some good time there and then we proceeded to the highest point in munnar and en route i felt that the decision i made to hire a driver was one of the very intelligent ones which i took in a long time..if i had not done that i would have bumped my car onto some tree for sure..the road were so pathetic that for a while i taught i was the one who was discovering those roads…we spent some good amount of time @ that place and returned back..Our guide educated us on various stuff en route and he made sure that we didn’t miss on any thing..


After returning back in munnar town we had a nice lunch from one of the restaurants in the town and then headed towards the most famous water fall in munnar..It was again a wonderful drive through the tea estates and the view @ the water fall was just awesome..after capturing some of the moments there we returned the town around 6 pm.

heaven on earth

In the night we were sponsored a special dinner by our cousin @ abad plaza a 4 star hotel in munnar and after that we relaxed back @ our room.

The 3 rd day started with confusion as for whether to get back to bangalore by the same route which we came or to take one more day off and visit one of our uncle in thrissur and then go back to bangalore..nothing was decided but then the short term plan was to visit the famous hills in munnar were a violet flower blooms every 12 years. These hills are also home for a rare species of goat..


we reached there by around 10.The place is actually a hill were only govt buses are allowed for tourist purpose..the buses take you to a distance and then you have to walk almost 1.5 kms.It was real fun had some nice opportunities to try my newly discovered photography skills.

From munnar

The walk was a little tiring..and also the day we went there, we could not spot any of those special goats ..i guess that has something to do with luck and..yeah that also gave us an excuse to put munnar back on our travel list.

Man & Nature

After spending some fruitful time there we started to think of our next destination..Finally we decided the plan B ie go to thrissur and then to Bangalore.. then we didn’t want to leave munnar that fast..but then good things never last too long and we left munnar , promising ourselves that we would come back here very soon to re live the moments and to discover more…

From munnar

Way back roads were good.Only the exception was the stretch from angamaly to thrissur.This 100 odd kms tested my driving skills to the limits..thanks to widening being carried out there. we reached thrissur by 5:00 in the eve.It was always good to be back with family members.

The next day morning we started to bangalore back @ around 5:00 in the morning and the route planned was palakkad-coimbatore-satyamangalam-nanjungaud–mysore-bangalore.This was again an un explored route by me.Thanks to Vadii again for suggesting this one..It was a great drive.The roads were bad only for about say 30 kms near nanjunguad and rest were very good roads with enough scenery to fill your eyes.we reached back bangalore @ 9:00 pm and thus we were back from the best weekend we ever had in our life till now.

Silk route

As some one had truly said

“Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside the fire. If the traveler has vintaged well, he need trouble to wander no longer; the ruby moments glow in his glass at will.”

Click on the below album for more snaps